Monday, August 8, 2011


I feel like Zippo's. I feel like they have character. Even with age and wear. I personally don't smoke but I still use lighters alot. I've been considering getting one, I don't even mind having to refill the butane and changing the wick. It just. feels worth it.


  1. yea I agree, im a non smoker as well so idk how great they really are. I heard they leak and get fuel smell on you.

  2. I have a Zippo, and it's not so much butane since as far as I know they don't make butane lighters - it's the lighter fluid that makes it a pain in the ass. It's cheap to get the fluid, around $2 and you get ~20 refills.

    Another problem is that they leak - the fluid is absorbed rapidly by the air, and the build quality while "solid" leaves a lot of chance for your pocket to end up soaked in lighter fluid. Yuck.

    If you can, however, find a butane Zippo, they might have addressed all that is wrong with them by just switching fuel sources :D