Monday, August 15, 2011

Wasting Market Fleas

So just a quick rant, I went to a flea market today, on the other side of town. Wasted a ton of gas, and the store was CLOSED. You can imagine the rage I was feeling

Schoolmasters and Grillmasters

Apologies for anyone following my blog, I haven't posted in a few days. I have a week til class starts and I'm stressing to get everything done on time. All I know is to buy used textbooks when at all possible.

Also; I guess topic 2 of this post is my preference for gifts. For some reason I like practical gifts more than anything else. Like a toaster oven, or a power drill, or something that's more instrumental vs. intrinsic. and because my capacity to write anymore is dangerously low. DISCUSS IN COMMENTS!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fire Drilling

I apologize for lack of posting. I've been busy with work lately, but I found it worth it to at least share this tale with you

A few minutes ago I went into the bathroom, and it smelt AWFUL. So I decided I'd cancel out the scent by lighting a match. When I struck the match, it snapped and fell on some toilet paper on the floor igniting it. I flip out and try and put it out but only succeed in knocking another roll on it. FOR SOME REASON I pick it up. and drop on a towel. FIRE EVERYWHERE. Luckily I had detachable shower head and rinsed out the fire. Spiced up my day for sure.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rainy meeting

Rainmeter. I've had it before, but I was just a child and didn't understand it. but NOW. now i've unleashed its potential.
for the folks who don't know what it is. Rainmeter is a desktop customization program. Its very similar to windows "gadgets" but much more superior. I feel like i'm in the future using it. I HIGHLY recommend it. to ANYONE


I watched a movie today
I've never touched Warhammer 40k but I was given the movie. So today I thought, why not?

It was a superb film. It wasn't holy crap amazing. but it was up there. I've finally learned what most of warhammer is about. I've been so confused. I'm glad I watched it. I recommend it. Its something different than your average film.
Oh yeah. its called Ultramarines btw.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It might be strange, but I love milk. I drink it with ANYTHING. from BBQ, to fancy Italian dinners, to pizza, to eggs and bacon EVERYTHING. The reason I post this is because I tried my first whole milk today. and oh god it was delicious. Lately Thanks to a certain fellow blogger. Its come to my attention raw cow milk, DOESN'T SPOIL?!?! heaven at last? I'm curious to find out the taste. Anyone whos tried it. enlighten me

The making of a bed

Folding blankets, spreading sheets, laying out the comforter. I'm horrible at it. Well, yeah i'm pretty terrible. I've never been able to wake up and do it. despite its simplicity, I think I just lack motivation.

Somewhat related. What motivates you fellow readers to wake up, and do whatever you do. Is it someone depending on you? a job? BOREDOM? explain in the comments. lets see some motive!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Technological Breakdown

Today, I have a HDTV card I was going to install on my computer, as well as a diskette drive(lol). but. Little did I know, my compy didn't have a suitable slot :( and the diskette drive was non-functional. Another endeavour that annoyed me was my laptop gave out about when summer began, I was going to take everything off the hard drive today, but the hard drive has some weirdass connection. very non conventional. oh well. I took a sweet tea break and all was well

Vacuum Fresh

About a month ago I went to the coast. On the coast I was digging and found this(not sideways of course). It was buried by the road and I'm pretty sure its Japanese writing. Despite reasonable health warnings, I cleaned it out and its possibly the coolest thing I own about now. It pours. Not like a water bottle. it has a filter that it goes through and slowly pours whatever you have in there. AND its also vacuum sealed. keeping everything inside, hot or cold. This. Will be great for when I go back to school

3 posts, 1 day

I have to admit, I'm having trouble deciding what to blog about. I've never done this before. Could a comrade help me out?


I feel like Zippo's. I feel like they have character. Even with age and wear. I personally don't smoke but I still use lighters alot. I've been considering getting one, I don't even mind having to refill the butane and changing the wick. It just. feels worth it.

My Assistant

To be honest, I don't like carrying a phone. Its just a hassle to have anyone call you whenever they want. And having to not fall down in fear of breaking it and blah blah blah. But this, ladies and gentleman, is different. Since I was a 12 year old I've wanted a PDA, to organize and plan and watch tv on and all that. but the ones i got were never enough. but this. This is actually worth carrying around most of the time.

All of that said. Don't you wish we could go back to simpler times, where we didn't carry phones around. If I didn't need it, and didn't have this thing, I'd gladly go nophone

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nostalgic Gaming

Because, I've just had no life at all today time for my 6th post of the day. but I'm just trying to get into it.
Moving on...
This game was the holy grail of multiplayer games back in my youth. The rules were simple enough. Just crash your cars into each other. So it made for simple fun gameplay. I found the game in an old box of stuff today and decided to try it out again. My old file was still on it. and I played a few rounds and dominated just as I used to.

Memories were flooded back. I'm gonna keep up playing old games now. Despite this not being immensely old, I still consider it nostalgic.


The sitting there awkwardly as you stay silent and they just cut your hair however you want. Oh goodness those days were horrible. I'm so glad I got my own stylist now. goodbye Fantastic Sams. I really won't miss you

Maybe someday I'll try a real Barbershop. The manly smell of it is very enticing. and I hear getting shaves done is pure ectstacy.  I know there's this place called Roosters..but I don't know if its legit or not.


Whether it conflicts with your beliefs or not, luck is something you have. You have it just by looking at this page, by reading these words. You are lucky. There's countries full of people who would kill, just to be you. They don't care about petty relationship issues, annoying neighbors, detours, or bad weather. and nor should you. I see too many people, full of potential(usually middle-class) who all they can do is complain. They complain that they are bored, or this person doesn't like them, nobody cares about..etc. You could be doing anything you want instead of whining. You have endless possibilities. Don't waste them.

How to...

De-smellify shoes.

Its a simple process really, all you need is a plastic bag, a freezer, and your shoes
Just put your shoes in the bag, then the freezer for overnight, they will be scent free tomorrow.

The more you know..

Music Video of the Unknown Amount of Elapsed Time

Despite whatever year this was released, I mark the year 2000 with this song. I always think of that year when this is played